14-year-old leaves heartbreaking suicide note blaming bullies for her death & she deserves justice

An Indiana mother is pushing for anti-bullying legislation in the state after her 14-year-old daughter committed suicide and left behind a heartbreaking note that read, "It's bullying that killed me. Please get justice."

Last month, eighth-grader Angel Green hanged herself from a tree near her school bus stop. She left behind a note on her bed at home for her mother to find, calling out those who had driven her to take her own life.

"Have you ever thought about what you said to me? huh... maybe not! Because you killed me everyday," she wrote. Now, her grieving mom, Danielle Green, is taking action and demanding a change.


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Green took her daughter's pleas to the state legislature, in an attempt to push for passage of a new bill that holds schools more accountable for bullying on their grounds. The law would require staff to notify parents of any incidents and note them in an annual school record, as well as require bullying prevention training for all school employees. The bill has so far passed the state's House and will go before the Senate for a vote.

"I want the schools to have more training and I want the kids and everybody to have support and resources for how to handle it," Green told the New York Daily News. She hopes the legislation will prevent suicide and saves the lives of kids like her daughter, who she says was constantly tormented and called names like "slut" and "whore" at school. 

This story honestly breaks my heart into a thousand little pieces. I can't even begin to image the devastation Green's mom and other loved ones are feeling. Just thinking about all the torment this young girl went through, and the fact she felt her only option was to take to her own life, brings tears to my eyes.

I hope Green succeeds in her efforts and that this new legislation does get passed not just in Indiana, but in states across the nation. After all, she's right: Bullying is a serious problem and no kid or famiily should have to experience what Angel and her relatives have gone through. How many more children have to take their own lives before people start being held accountable for the consequences of their actions? Though this law might not rid the world of bullying (only we as individuals can do that), it'll hopefully make students, parents, and school officials more vigilant and better equipped to deal with it--something that could've saved Angel's life. 

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