Teen girls violently beaten by dad for "twerking" & it's all caught on tape (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Being a parent is an awesome responsibility and when your children do something inappropriate, then it is a parent's responsibility to discipline them accordingly. Sometimes parents fail miserably and deserve to be punished themselves. Two teenage girls were brutally beaten with a cable wire by a man (apparently their father) after finding out the girls had posted a "twerk" video on Facebook.

Twerking is a type of dance move that involves a person moving and shaking their hips in a sexually provactive manner. Twerk is a kind of permutaion of the words twist and jerk. Should teenage girls be posting videos of themselves twerking on Facebook? Absolutely not. Should a responsible adult hold them accountable and discipline them for that type of behaviour? Absolutely. Is cruelly beating them with a cable wire an appropriate form of punishment? NO WAY!!!


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I watched the video below and there is no doubt in my mind that what is happening to those girls is a violent form of physical abuse. I do not see it as discipline at all. The man is out of control and whipping them while they scream in a way that leaves no doubt to how much pain they are experiencing.

What is the point of that type of abuse? Beating a child into submission is not the same as disciplining them and teaching them valuable life lessons. Holy cow! As a society we do not beat the vilest of the vile in jail the way those girls were beat because it is considered a form of cruel or unusual punishment. It is the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Please be aware that both the footage and audio of this video is very disturbing.

Image via YouTube

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