10-day-old baby & mom miraculously survive deadly drunk driving accident that killed grandparents (VIDEO)

A 10-day-old baby boy and his mother have been left in critical condition after a suspected drunk driver slammed into them while they were crossing the street in a Seattle neighborhood.

33-year-old Karina Schulte was carrying her newborn son in a sling and walking with her in-laws, Dennis and Judith Schutle, when all four were struck by a car. The driver, 50-year-old Mark Mullan, had a block-alcohol level of .22 percent, (nearly three times the legal limit) at the time.  The grandparents, who had reportedly made the move from the Midwest to Seattle to be closer to their only grandchild, died at the scene.

What a sad, sad story.  


According to the police, Schulte was thrown to the curb and suffered from a head injury. The infant had to be given CPR. When interrogated by police, Mullan said he hadn't seen the family because the sun was in his eyes, but he smelled of alcohol and appeared impaired.  Later, tests proved he was under the influence. To make matters worse, this will be Mullan's THIRD drunk-driving incidents (including a hit and run) in the last four months. His license was actually under suspension at the time of the accident!

Seriously, what is wrong with some people?! Making this mistake once is dangerous enough, but to make it again and again, even after getting into trouble with the law? That's downright selfish.  

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Mullan is being held on a $2.5 million bail and could face charges of vehicular homicide and vehicular assault.  As of now, the infant and his mom remain in intensive care at the hospital.

Quite honestly, it's a miracle that they even survived. I just pray that the two can recover and make it through this horrific accident. Though nothing could truly ease the loss of their family members, at least Schulte knows that her baby got to meet his grandparents and brighten a few of their days, if only for a little while. My thoughts and deepest condolences go out to her and her entire family.

As for Mullan, I only hope justice is served and he gets what he deserves. His irresponsible actions cost two people their lives and caused unspeakable grief to a family and that is just inexcusable.

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