Watch as a stranger resuscitates toddler in a life & death struggle (VIDEO)

Imagine having your 2-year-old child suddenly lose consciousness and stop breathing while on an ordinary trip to the supermarket. That's exactly what happened to Australia mom Amy Collard and her daughter, Shaylar, this past weekend.

Collard and the girl's father, Michael Narkle, were left shocked and terrified after the toddler suddenly went limp in her arms. Luckily, an incredible stranger stepped in and managed to save the day ... and the whole dramatic ordeal was caught on tape!


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In the unbelievable footage from the supermarket, Collard can be seen carrying her daughter's body to the checkout counter and asking others for help. While one cashier runs to call ambulances, the mother runs outside to try and find Narkle, who had briefly left the store. Meanwhile, another couple holds the child upside down and pounds her on the back in an attempt to revive her. When the father returns, he becomes visibly upset, holding his daughter and then pacing around the store.

After a short but heart stopping and incredibly scary period of time passes, Rowan O'Neill, the man who seemed to be making the most effort in saving the little girl, took further action. He laid the girl on the counter and began giving her CPR until finally, little Shaylar opened her eyes. Wow!

As the young child begins to stir, O'Neill and an obviously relieved Narkle share a hug. It is believed Shaylar was struck by a high fever. After spending a night in the hospital, the toddler is now back at home and in good condition.

What a crazy story! Can you imagine how panicked those parents must have been?! Thankfully, O'Neill was able to think on his feet and save this little girl's. He is truly a hero and I am just so glad that he was there to take action.

Still, after watching the entire incident on video, it makes me wish that a CPR course was required of all parents. As O'Neill proved, you never know when you'll have to save a life--even a complete stranger's.  

Image via YouTube

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