Teen tragically shot & killed after saddest mix-up ever

A Virginia teen's act of rebellion has sadly led to the loss of his life. After 16-year-old Caleb Gordley left his house without permission to go drink at a party on Saturday night, he attempted to sneak back into his house, but ended up entering the wrong home. Thinking it was a burglar, the home owner grabbed his gun and fired, striking and killing the intoxicated teen.

What a horrible tragedy.


According to reports, Gordley wanted to attend the party, but was grounded because he hadn't cleaned his room. So he snuck out of the house, went to the party, and attempted to return without his parents knowing. His friends dropped him off on his block, but after drinking all night, the teen mistook a similar brick home on his street for his own and went inside. That's when the homeowner says he jumped out of bed, told the young boy to leave and fired a warning shot. When Gordley continued walk up the stairs towards him, the man fired again, killing the teen.

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Gordley's parents first learned of the nightmarish ordeal after they found their son's room empty the next morning and learned the boy's friends had dropped him off at home the night before. Police say the investigation is still pending and no charges have been filed yet.

This is such an unbelievably heartbreaking case. A 16-year-old was shot and killed--and all because of a drunken mistake? It's just too sad to bear. I honestly can't even begin to imagine how Gordley's family must be feeling. Though many would say the parents should've been paying closer attention to the teen's activities (and to some extent, I'd agree), I think this is one situation where it's impossible to place blame on anyone because it's just such a tragedy all around. A neighbor is probably wracked with guilt over killing an innocent teen, a couple is grieving the death of their son, and a community has lost a reportedly bright boy who was doing what countless other kids have done before.  My heart goes out Gordley's loved ones.

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