Steubenville rape case: 6 people who stood by & did nothing

CNN reporters Poppy Harlow and Candy Crowley raised some eyebrows this weekend after their reporting on the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial was incredibly skewed and full of sympathy toward convicted  rapists Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond. I honestly could not believe it! These two high school football players literally ruined a 16-year-old girl's life after brutally assaulting her! Not only did they rape her, but they took pictures that were posted on social media and videotaped the disturbing incident, displaying no kind of remorse for what they did. Yet everyone seems to only be concerned about these young men's fates?


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I don't care that these teens were star foot players with great grades and promising futures! Is that supposed to make me feel sorry for them despite the fact that they completely and violently violated a young teenage girl? What makes me sicker to my stomach is the fact that these CNN reporters aren't the only ones that seem to have sided with these boys. Unfortunately, there's been a lot of misplaced compassion throughout this unforgivable case. This sadly proves that we're stilling live in an anti-feminist world that views a rape victim as nothing more than a person who ruins other's lives. How sad is that? Check out some of the other people in this tragic event that have displayed these disgusting monsters as nothing more than just victims. Ugh!

1. The coach: Steubenville High's assistant football coach, Nate Hubbard, reportedly tried covering up the rape and described the incident as follows, according to the New York Times: "The rape was just an excuse, I think … what else are you going to tell your parents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that? She had to make up something. Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it." Wow. I guess photographic evidence of a passed out girl isn't enough to prove that she didn't consent to being assaulted and publically humiliated.

2. The lawyers:  Defense lawyer Walter Madison had the NERVE to try to have one of the victims's friends speak as a witness and talk about how the victim usually behaves when she drinks. Because apparently if she's not a virgin and likes to party, it's her fault she was even in this situation. So disgusting!

3. The victim's "friends:" One of the saddest facts to come out of this whole incident is that the victim's friends reportedly stood there and did absolutely NOTHING while the assault was going on. It's so disturbing to know that none of these kids had the decency or the morals to try to stop the assault or at least protest in some way. Some of her friends even went on to say that she loved foot ball players and partying. So that makes it right for someone to assault her while she's unconscious? Because last I checked you have to be conscious to give consent to anything!

4. Steubenville town officials: After a second protest was organized to expose the leaked video and Instagram images of the devastating event, Steubenville officials decided to launch their own site, Steubenville Facts, to give people access to the "most accurate information."

5. The town itself: "The players are considered heroes, and that's pretty pathetic, because they've been able to get away with things for years because of it," Jim Flanagan, a town local, told the New York Times. "Everyone just looks the other way." And that's exactly what townspeople tried to do throughout the case.

6. The media: CNN isn't the only media outlet who showed lack of compassion towards the victim. Fox New's America aired a clip that exposed the name of the underage 16-year-old rape victim during a report (they didn't not bleep out a part when one of the accused rapists apologizes to her and her family by name!). In general and as a practice, media outlets never ever report the names of underage victims of sexual abuse or who have come forward as victims. But once again, this goes to show the lack of sympathy towards this young woman during this ugly circumstance.

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