Penis snatching is becoming a real problem

Men in west and central Africa are being told to guard their genitalia after penis theft has been on the rise in these areas. As strange as this may sound, this is actually a common occurrence in urban areas there! But now even the smaller towns are being affected and people have become desperate to make money--even resorting to trade in organs for cash.

University of California, Berkley anthropologist Louisa Lombard wrote in about her trip to the tiny town of Tiringoulou in central Africa which, much to her shock,  was also being affected by the penis snatching epidemic. As insane as this form of theft may sound, Lombard explains that penis stealing is nothing new and has been around for centuries!


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I don't know about you but I was shocked to hear that this is even a thing! I mean I've heard of the Chinese guy who had his penis snatched while he slept, but I didn't know it was becoming an epidemic. How does something so mindboggling even happen?

According to a witness Lombard spoke to during her trip, penis snatching can occur right before your eyes--even in public! One incident in particular involved a man who was simply buying tea at a store when his penis along with another man's was suddenly severed in an instant. EEK!

Lombard believes that because of Africa's economic problems, penis snatching is on the rise and also calls it a resurgence of witchcraft on the continent. By selling the male organ, it's a way for thieves to cash in and copy richer countries such as Cameroon and Nigeria where it appears penis trading is popular too. Reportedly, these organs are in high demand in Europe: the writer was told of a woman who was trying to smuggle penises inside a baguette at the airport.

All I can is that guys need to protect their genitalia more than ever now! Hopefully this epidemic doesn't spread to the United States because that would be really scary and weird. What kind of world are we living in when men can't even go for a walk outside without the fear of losing their junk?

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