Woman arrested for reporting abandoned "baby" that turned out to be a puppy

Candice Salvatore of Staten Island, New York is our hero after reporting to police about an abandoned pit bull puppy Tuesday afternoon. But police were less than amused when they came to the scene because during the call Salvatore called the dog a "baby"--making them believe it was an ACTUAL infant.

The 27-year-old woman claimed that she had first called 311 to reach Animal Care and Control to inform them about the puppy she found malnourished and soaked in the rain. However they weren't coming through and decided to put the matter into the hands of the guys in blue. But the boys in blue weren't too happy... 


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But the NYPD wasn't too happy with Salvatore's "fib" and arrested and charged her with reckless endangerment and filing a false report

How crazy is this story?! I can vouch for being one of those women guilty of calling her pet her baby and I probably would have done the same as Salvatore. I mean, after all they ARE like having a baby and just as important! It's really unfair that she got in trouble just for looking out for an abandoned pup.

Salvatore's neighbor, Veronica Munoz, told the New York Daily News that the woman had tried calling 311 but they repeatedly hung up on her which is why she contacted the police. Authorities said that in their report, Salvatore claimed the puppy was an abandoned "baby" to make them arrive faster. The good Samaritan denies this and says she called the puppy a "baby" unintentionally, but didn't think that the dispatcher would assume that it was an actual baby.  

Despite the confusion you will all be pleased to know that the abandoned pooch is now in the good hands of one of Salvatore's neighbors. I still say the NYPD treated Salvatore unfairly especially since she was just trying to help this puppy and she wasn't even getting the proper assistance through 311!

But let this be a lesson to all of us dog lovers that there are lots of people out there who don't understand that we consider our pooches our "babies." And in case you run into a similar predicament as Salvatore, make sure you tell police it's a "puppy" (or a "baby doggie!") to avoid getting into any unnecessary trouble!

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