Jodi Arias murder case: The craziest moments of her 18-day testimony

It's been 18 days since Jodi Arias took the stand testifying during the three-month trial for the 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias is no stranger to our headlines as we have reported on the Arizona case which has been filled with juicy, shocking and gruesome details. Currently, Arias is trying to prove that shooting and viciously stabbing her ex-lover to death was all done in self-defense.

Although the case is nowhere near over, the stories that Arias has told in court have fascinated the entire nation--it's like a real life telenovela filled with cheating, sex, scandal, even death.


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There is a silver lining in this case for Arias, as legal analysts say that by simply testifying, she may be saving her own life. Check out some of the most scandalous details from Arias' exhausting almost month-long testimony:

1. Arias was a victim of an abusive past. Arias shared during the first days of her testimony that she came from an abusive household. She alleged that her father had beat her with a belt since she was 7 and would shove her against furniture, one time even knocking her out unconscious when she was 17. The abuse was so bad in her home that it caused her to drop out of high school at 18 and move in with her boyfriend at the time.  

2. She had a long history of bad boyfriends. Arias revealed details of her past boyfriends prior to Alexander. She recounted that some had alcohol problems, cheated on her, lied to her, mistreated her--but the common thread was that she stayed with them despite their problems. She blamed her naivety for remaining with the men and later claimed that Alexander was much like them and would physically and verbally abuse her. Legal experts say if Arias can convince the jury about the abusive history tied to her self-defense claim, then the chances are greater of her winning the case.  

3. Arias and Alexander's had a crazy sex life. If there was one thing Arias and the victim had in common, it was their insatiable appetite for sex. Alexander was a strict practicing Mormon and claimed to be a virgin. But this was proven false during Arias' testimony as she revealed the sexual relationship they maintained even after they broke up. The twosome would engage in anal, oral, and even used candy in weird and kinky ways their acts. Often times Arias said Alexander would force himself on her and favored anal sex and using Tootsie Roll pops to pleasure her. In addition, she recalled finding it disconcerting that he had taken a sudden interest in little boys and tried to make her dress like one.

4. Alexander used to abuse her. Arias detailed Alexander as both a physically and verbally abusive boyfriend who scared her. She recalled the time he attacked her and broke her finger, but she never received medical attention fearing he would get in trouble. She said he would call her derogatory names such as skank and one time choked her unconscious. Arias even said that Alexander became physically abusive months before she killed him.

5. She may have suffered PTSD after the murder. Psychologists are now saying that Arias may have suffered from Acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Richard Samuels told the jury that he had seen Arias a dozen times over the past few years and diagnosed her with PTSD. Usually PTSD can cause the brain process to affect memory retention--hence her inability to remember clearly what occurred on that night.

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