Steubenville rape trial: Victim found out about abuse via text message

The horrific news about how the victim in the Steubenville rape case found out about the abuse she had endured broke today, and it literally brought tears to my eyes: According to reports, she found out about everything that happened from a male friend who text messaged her about it. She even learned that there was a naked picture of her with semen circulating among her "friends." Can you believe this?!


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I have to confess, everything about the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial disgusts me. Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond, the two 16-year-old boys accused of having sexually assaulted a young girl, also 16 years old, are a couple of good-for-nothings that know perfectly well that what they did was wrong. It infuriates me to think that they could be so callous they're actually trying to convince the jury that the victim wasn't drunk when they sexually assaulted her--I mean, the thousands of text messages and other conversations and photos on social media prove the exact opposite! The should be ashamed to even try to say that THEY'RE the victims in this whole case! I wouldn't even be surprised if she was drugged.

I don't know if you've been following this harrowing case, but even the defendants' way of dressing makes me mad. It's as if these two kids are doing everything possible to show that they're good and decent people, when in my heart I think it's the complete opposite.

But the worst part is, according to reports, there were other people present during this poor girl's rape, supposedly her own friends, and they did nothing to help her. The victim simply can't understand why no one acted. UGH! I can't even begin to imagine how humiliated she must have felt as she began to find out about what happened and not being able to remember a thing.

Sadly, the manner in which things have gone down in this case point to a horrific reality that Steubenville, Ohio is a place where sexual assault and rape are permitted because of the football-is-God culture so pervasive there. It seems like people there would rather ignore what's happening and go on as if nothing. Famous porn actress Traci Lords, who was born and lived in Steubenville until she was 12 years old, has confessed that she herself was raped when she was 10 years old by a 14-year-old boy.

It's truly incredible that these things are still happening in a country that is as developed as the U.S. I hope with all my heart that this scandal helps change the backwards attitudes of some of the people of Steubenville.

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