Horrible mom sells 18-month-old daughter for child porn!

In the most heartbreaking news I've heard in a while, Indiana mom Natisha Hillard was charged in federal indictment earlier this week when authorities discovered that she had sold her 18-month-old toddler to Christopher M. Bour to be used in child pornography. Just writing that right now defied all my logic and almost made me cry. That poor little girl.


The 24-year-old mom allegedly met pedophile Bour through a dating service, and actually SOLD him her daughter for an amount that's not known, specifically so the baby could be used in 39-year-old Bour's sick, twisted sexual movies. Bour was also charged with production of child pornography, purchasing a child for production of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

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Bour was caught when an unidentified woman, who was supposedly his masseuse, saw disturbing child porn running on his computer a few weeks ago when she visited his home for a massage. She contacted the FBI about it, especially after Bour offered to have her watch him engaging in disgusting sexual acts with a baby--"a real one" the alleged twisted text message said. The FBI then began posing as the masseuse and got him to text in great detail about his intentions and twisted desires with kids. How sick, but so glad that his masseuse did the right thing by going to authorities as soon as she saw something was off with this guy.

It makes me so, so sad to think how this disgusting mom could do something so reprehensible with her own daughter! The evil that exists in this world is unthinkable. I'm glad she was caught and the sick pedophile who "bought" the baby also, and hope that both get what they deserve: the full brunt of the law for this despicable crime.

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My heart goes out to that little baby and hope she's in way better and more caring hands now.  


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