Brazilian soccer player kills his girlfriend & then feeds her to his dogs

A 27-year-old member of Brazil's 2014 World Cup soccer team confessed in court that he was behind the recent murder of the mother of his child. Bruno Fernandes de Souza told police that he had his best friend, Luiz Enrique Romao, pay someone to kill 25-year-old Eliza Samudio--all because he did not want to pay child support. 

The goalkeeper, along with eight other people including his wife, an ex lover, a cousin, and a former policeman are being accused of planning Samudio's abduction and murder. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, Samudio had been kidnapped, killed, dismembered, and her body parts fed to de Souza's pet rottweilers while the rest were buried under concrete. If he is found guilty, he faces up to 41 years in prison. Is this not the grossest, most insane story you've ever heard?


I have absolutely zero sympathy for De Souza. I can't even believe he is trying to claim innocence in this poor woman's death. What shocks me EVEN more is the number of people involved in this horrific scheme!

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The U.K. Daily Mail reports that de Souza had met Samudio at a party in 2009. They had sex and she became pregnant. He demanded that she have an abortion, but she refused and decided to keep the baby. Before her disappearance, Samudio told police that de Souza had put a gun to her head and that he and his accomplices tried to force her to have an illegal abortion drug.

The child was born in February 2010, but De Souza refused to father the baby boy. That's when Samudio threatened to take de Souza to court if he didn't pay child support. De Souza's cousin, Jorge Rosa, admitted to police that he and Romao picked up Samudio and her 4-month-old son and took her to de Souza's home to "discuss paternity claims." 

Instead, Samudio was held captive for 6 days, tortured, and eventually strangled to death in front of the infant. The baby was then left in a slum by de Souza's wife Dayane but was unharmed. Eventually, De Souza admitted that Rosa told him about the murder and described it to police in graphic detail, including the fact that Samudio's body had been dismembered and fed to the dogs. De Souza claims to feel guilty that about the death of his baby's mother even though he never "ordered" Samudio to be killed. 

Words can't describe how disgusted this story made me feel. The fact that a group of people could kill a mother in this terribly gruesome way makes me want to vomit. The conflict could have been easily solved, either by de Souza taking responsibility for his child OR by keeping his pants on in the first place and not getting a girl who is NOT his wife pregnant.

I hope de Souza gets the worst punishment possible, along with his entire entourage and his wife, who thought it was okay to leave an innocent, helpless baby abandoned in the slums. 

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