Teen beauty queen forced to give up crown when raunchy sex tape hits the web (VIDEO)

I'm honestly tired of hearing about young girls who are celebs or have reached some level of fame being involved in sex scandals stemming from sex videos that start circulating in social media. The latest case? Melissa King, who is only 18 years old, has just been forced to give up her Miss Delaware Teen crown for supposedly having appeared in a raunchy sex video.

It just seems like women--young women in this case--haven't learned their lesson about protecting themselves in these types of situations. How long until we learn to love and respect ourselves more?


Even though the former beauty queen has categorically denied that it's her in the video, various media outlets have confirmed that the star of the sex tape looks and sounds just like King. In the video, which was recorded in June 2012, an adolescent (who looks A LOT like the disgraced beauty queen, I have to say), talks to the camera while an off-camera male asks her various questions, among them her age and what her favorite sex positions are. (Her answers? She just turned 18 a few months ago and that she likes to be on top... sigh... )

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The saddest part of this whole scandal is that King was just crowned Miss Delaware Teen this past November, just a few months after having starred in the sex video. It really breaks my heart to think that, if it is indeed King in the raunchy sex vid, she pretty much destroyed her possibilities of success because of a horrible decision.

I honestly still don't understand what motivates young women to let themselves be recorded in such intimate situations. Women of this younger generation should know better than anyone that in this day and age, the line between public and private is getting blurrier and blurrier by the minute, which is why it's so important to be careful with everything we do in front of the camera. You never know, those images could end up in the wrong hands.

But, as they say in Spanish: Nadie experimenta en cabeza ajena, meaning that you can't really know what's inside another person's head--and thus you can't really tell them what is right or wrong. It's not until a bad decision like this one makes someone lose out on a great opportunity that they realize how much of a mistake they made. The only positive outcome coming from this scandal, I hope, is that it will make young women think twice about being part of a video like this one, and realize that if what they want is fame, this is certainly not the way to get it!

Watch part of the video that supposedly stars Miss Delaware Teen, King:

Image via Twitter

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