Devoted mother & wife dies while saving husband from drunk driver

A Philadelphia mom proves just how much love will sacrifice: Teresa Marquard and her husband of 40 years, Albert, were taking a morning walk, when police say accused drunk driver Eric Luciano swerved onto the sidewalk hitting Teresa and tragically killing her as she pushed Albert out of the way. The 58-year-old mother of three was known as a devoted and loving woman by her family.


According to police, Albert remained unharmed, but 30-year-old accused drunk driver Luciano is in critical condition at a local hospital. Marquard's family meanwhile mourns the loss of a mother and wife who always put her husband and kids first.

It's devastating to hear that this woman lost her life too soon all because of a drunk driver. As sad as her death may have been, she died in the way loved ones knew her best. It's clear that Marquard loved her husband so much that she was willing to sacrifice her life for his own.

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Marquard's family said their mother was eternally devoted to her husband; the couple had been together since they were both 14 years old. She even took up a job at the courts after he was diagnosed with heart disease 15 years ago to help support the family.

Meanwhile Luciano's brother told reporters that the accused drunk driver was a hard working truck driver and calls the incident a "freak accident."

I feel so terrible for Teresa's family who now has to live without their mother and accept that she is gone. Her husband must be so devastated after having lost the love of his life. One thing for sure is that Teresa didn't die in vain and left her family with many positive memories. Our thoughts go out to the Marquards.


Image via CBS Philly

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