Abuela shoots 2 grandsons & herself dead in most heartbreaking news of the day

An Amber Alert issued Tuesday afternoon for two missing boys who were abducted from their Connecticut daycare today has the most tragic ending imaginable: The children, 6-month-old Ashton Perry and his 2-year-old brother Alton Perry, were reported missing by their mother Brenda Perry who couldn't get in contact with their grandmother, 47-year-old Debra Denison, after she picked them up.  

The Amber Alert did not last long. The children were found dead along with grandmother Denison, in an apparent murder-suicide. The three bodies were found in a car parked near the town of Preston, Connecticut.


this scenario sounds like every parent's worst nightmare. These little boys didn't get a chance at life and were taken too soon under circumstances that are just unfortunate. It's especially sad that an abuela was capable of harming her two grandchildren--especially when she's the one family member parents can usually trust with the care of their kids

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According to police, authorities received a tip regarding the vehicle at 9:30 p.m., but help got there too late and the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The children had been shot by their grandmother who also turned the gun on herself and shot herself dead. Police learned during the search that Denison suffered from bipolar disorder and had a history of other mental illnesses.

Reports say that the boys' mother wanted Denison to bring them home after she picked them up, since they were celebrating Alton's second birthday that night. Although this was such a sad incident, Brenda wrote a heartbreaking update on her Facebook profile: "My boys are in an amazing place we got a few great angels watching over us. love you Ashton and Alton."

I hope this mom has supportive family members to lean on as this is going to be hard for her to come to terms with. Losing both of your children in the same day has to be so devastating, I can't even imagine the pain this mom must be going through right now, especially because the kids' own grandmother committed the heinous crime. Our thoughts are with Brenda and hope that she receives as much help as she can get as she copes with this tragedy.

Image via Connecticut State Police

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