Brave high school student exposes teacher who was stealing from kids' lockers

I've been hearing a whole lot of stories lately about irresponsible and suspicious teachers, and while this one may not be the worst it certainly didn't leave me any less disappointed. A California high school student decided to play detective by staging an undercover video sting operation in hopes of catching a thief who had allegedly been stealing money from students' backpacks. But Linden High School sophomore Justine Betti was shocked at what she found!


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The last thing Betti had expected was a TEACHER to be the one behind all the stealing. But that's exactly what her investigation revealed. What a shame!

Betti and a few of her fellow classmates all had their suspicions about the thief who had been rummaging through their backpacks for cash. So this brave teen decided to hide in one of the gym lockers in hopes of finding the crook. Betti noticed that after all the students had left the locker room, her teacher stayed behind looking through backpacks and taking money. But when she told her friends, no one believed her.

So she decided to hide in the locker once again, only this time, with a cell phone camera to record what she saw. Armed with a camera,  she set up a second one in another locker in order to get two angles. Once again, her teacher started looking through backpacks and taking money--and this time Betti had her on film!

Betti eventually brought the evidence to her principal ... but he told her he would investigate and instructed her  to delete the video. Luckily, by then Betti had already sent the video to her dad and a few friends. Good!

The teacher has not been identified yet, but we know she had been teaching at the school for 30 years. She is currently on administrative leave while the matter is still being investigated.

Betti admits that it was hard for her to hand over the recording and expose her teacher, but she felt like it was the right thing to do. I have to hand it to this kid--she really showed off some pretty impressive investigating skills! It really makes me angry, though, that a teacher would even think about stealing money from her young students who apparently really admired her. I mean, honestly, she had been teaching there for 30 years, did she really think a couple of bucks worth of lunch money was really worth her job and her student's trust? So sad!

Check out the footage below...

Image via YouTube

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