Sex offenders go unpunished after removing tracking devices & committing new crimes

A worrisome investigation by the Los Angeles Times has discovered that thousands of high-risk paroled sex offenders--including child molesters and rapists--are disarming their GPS monitors, supposed to track their every move, so that they can go ahead and commit new crimes. Unbelievably, some of these offenders have been newly charged with kidnapping, sexual battery, and even attempted manslaughter. How is this even happening?

Well, blame it on prison overcrowding.


It turns out that many of these felons have realized they can get rid of their monitors and nothing will happen to them. Normally, sex offenders who violate their parole would be sent back to prison for up to a year, but  now they're usually freed within days from county jails because there simply is not enough room for them. 

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That was the case of a man convicted of child stalking who skipped parole three times in two months, but was released almost immediately. After the third time Rithy Mam was freed, he disabled his GPS and they lost track of him until he tried to molest two teenage girls. Luckily police arrested him and now Mam faces new charges of child molestation.

But what if they hadn't found him? I guess with his history as a repeat offender he probably would've kept on molesting children. Sadly, Mam's story is not the only one that the Times investigation uncovered. This is definitely a disturbing trend and one that needs to be dealt with by lawmakers. Sex offenders on parole who disable their GPS devices HAVE to be sent back to prison immediately because it's obvious that they're doing it to be able to commit new crimes knowing they'll get away with it.

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