Mom wrapped son's entire face in duct tape as a joke, but it's so not funny (VIDEO)

Ohio mom Tiffany Ennis is in trouble with police today after pictures surfaced of her 8-year-old son's entire face, except for his nose, wrapped in duct tape. Ennis was joking around, she says, with her son and a friend's 11-year-old daughter (who has not been identified) on February 19. The pair of moms decided it would be hilarious to wrap their kids' faces completely in duct tape.

From a mile away, any mom--heck, any adult--would be able to tell this is really NOT a good idea, not as a joke, nothing. Well, Ennis took the joke a bit further and that's when her real trouble started.


Ennis sent a text with a picture of her son to the boy's father, Rudy Yao, who she's divorced from. Unfortunately for her, Yao did NOT think the joke was funny at all, and after he failed to get a hold of her, called police to go check on his son. "That's not playing, she took the joke way too far," the worried dad told ABC News.

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Police in Sandusky, Ohio, arrested Ennis later that night and charged her with child endangerment, charges which she refuted and plead not guilty to. According to reports, the mom insisted to police that she meant no harm and that the kids were not hurt with the incident.

Still, as a mom, I side 100 percent with the 8-year-old's dad Yao in this case. I mean, wrapping duct tape around ANY part of a child's body is borderline abuse, but this mom wrapped the super strong tape around her son's ENTIRE face! Can you imagine how hard it was to take it off, how much hair pulling, how much it must have hurt? Honestly, I see nothing funny about this joke. Even if the kids were willing to play along … hello, they're kids! It's up to the adults to know how to appropriately behave and what things NOT to do that would hurt their kids.

In any case, mom Ennis is due back in court on May 30. Who knows, this little "joke" may cost her the full custody she has of her son—and I would not be upset with that.


Image via ABC News

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