Jenni Rivera's son Michael was arrested for putting up poster of his mom

I'm not sure if I should be happy or worried for Trinidad Angelo "Michael" Marín, Jenni Rivera's oldest son, who was under arrest in Miami Beach while his sisters represented their late mom at the Premios Lo Nuestro. Police detained Michael for something so ridiculous, it makes me want to cry.

According to the police report, the young Michael was arrested for painting and putting up a poster of his mom over a public sign. Sources that spoke to Univision indicated that Michael was putting up these posters in an unspecified location in the city. I honestly can't believe this!



The Rivera family, who was in Southern Florida to attend the Premios Lo Nuestro which took place last night, and represent their deceased Diva de la Banda, opted not to pay the bond to free Michael, so he had to miss out on the ceremony and awards show. He was released from custody just this morning (by law, suspects are held for 24 hours in cases of vandalism).

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Even though it hasn't been confirmed that Michael was putting up posters of his mother, I think that painting over official signs is not a bad enough infraction for the punishment and suffering that this arrest has caused him and his family, especially in light of his probation for the 2011 accusations he faced for statutory rape, for allegedly having sex with a minor.

MIchael left custody in the company of a lawyer, but neither his uncle Lupillo Rivera nor his sisters, Jacqui and Chiquis, were with him. It's being speculated that they're very angry with him for almost eclipsing Jenni's big moment and tribute at the Premios Lo Nuestro.

Now it's up to prosecutors in his home State of California to decide if this arrest is enough to put Michael in jail, something that would be horrible. He has a baby daughter, who is less than 1 year old, and is one of the biggest supports for his younger siblings Jenicka and Johnny. I hope this is resolved quickly and wish Michael much luck!

Image via Miami-Dade Inmate Profile System

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