Idiot dad puts bleach in baby's formula to "clear up congestion"

Every parent makes mistakes when it comes to raising their kids, but there's a big difference between small ones (like forgetting to pack your kid his lunch or occasionally losing your cool after dealing with what seems like the umpteenth temper tantrum) and HUGE, dangerous ones that could potentially cause harm to your child.

Florida dad Carron Washington's recent "mishap" definitely fell in the latter category. The 20-year-old added bleach to his two-month-old daughter's formula after supposedly hearing it helped clear up congestion.

Seriously?! What. An. Idiot.


According to police, the child's mother went into her daughter's room after the baby began crying and realized she was spitting up a clear liquid that smelled like bleach. After calling 911, the child was taken to the hospital. Unable to get a straight answer of how the baby had ingested bleach in the first place, staffers at the medical center alerted the authorities. That's when the truth was revealed.

Washington broke down crying and confessed to the cops that he had mixed less than a cap-full of bleach with less than two ounces of formula, after hearing from a friend that it cures congestion. "This would probably be the dumbest decision I ever made in my life, and I regret it 110 percent," he said.

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Um, yeah, NO KIDDING. Okay, maybe Washington didn't purposefully set out to hurt his baby, but come on. On an extremely basic, fundamental level, parenting is all about common sense and I'm sorry, but in that category, this man is clearly under qualified. How in the world could he have ever thought that giving his baby bleach was a good idea?

I get it. When you became a first-time parent, everyone and their mother thinks it's their job to give you advice and share their sure-fire cure for everything from the hiccups to the chicken pox. But at the end of the day, it's up to the actual parents--in this case, Washington and his wife--to decide for themselves if it's worth taking and most importantly, to verify if the information is even plausible. 

Which brings me back to my point about common sense. Washington is 20 ... not exactly a wise, old man but definitely old enough to have at least had the wits to stop and think, "Hmm…I myself have never taken bleach for the sniffles. Maybe I should look into this before giving it to my baby?"

Thankfully, the baby is in stable condition but Washington is now facing charges of aggravated child abuse. Meanwhile, his family is calling it all a horrible mistake. That might be true--but unfortunately, the poor baby is the one left suffering because of it.  

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