Ridiculous TSA agents detain & search wheelchair-bound 3-year-old girl (VIDEO)

Every kid's dream is to go to Disney World, but one 3-year old is now convinced she never wanted to go--and after her horrible experience at the hands of ridiculous Transportation Security Administration agents at the airport, I honestly don't blame the poor kid. Lucy Forck, a wheelchair-bound toddler took a trip with her family to Disney World that began well enough, but as soon as they arrived to the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, a TSA officer pulled her aside and took away her stuffed animal in efforts to perform an extra security check.


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TSA claims that wheel-chair bound passengers that attend the airport are routinely patted down and their wheelchairs are thoroughly checked for explosives. But honestly now, they couldn't have been a little more gentle with this poor little girl? Lucy was so distraught by the situation she started to cry and even said, "I don't want to go to Disney World!" Something you don't normally ever hear a child say. How sad!

"They treated her like a criminal," said dad Nathan Forck. "And by extension they were treating us as criminals."

The family of five was headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a family vacation and originally made it through the TSA checkpoint with no problems. That is, until they walked up to their gate and a TSA agent decided to pull Lucy aside for additional screening measures. The child's parents were so upset by it all they decided to video record the entire incident. But were then ordered to stop and even told that it was illegal to do so. Her parents refused to stop filming and were soon surrounded by a group of TSA agents, one who was specifically assigned to guard Lucy.

Shortly after the incident, the family was finally able to leave without having Lucy patted down. Nathan even received a call later in the day from TSA officials that apologized for the invasive security check.

What infuriates me the most about this situation is how this poor child was pretty much singled out because of her disability. Had Lucy not been in a wheelchair they wouldn't had put her through such serious security measures ... and the worst part is how aggressively they went about it. Children with disabilities go through enough scrutiny from other kids to then have to face something as traumatizing as this in an airport. I'm glad that TSA was able to finally acknowledge what they did wrong and also relieved to hear that in the end little Lucy got to go to Disney World and really did have a great time after all.

Check out the video below:

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