Mother & daughter convicted after hiding kidnapped boy for 8 years

Justice has finally been served in the case of the mother-daughter duo who kidnapped Houston boy Miguel Morin when he was just eight months old and have kept him locked away for eight long years. The two women, Gloria Walker and daughter Krystle Tanner, have been convicted and sentenced to prison.

Walker and Tanner reportedly took the child and neglected him for the eight years they had him locked away, refusing to let him go to the school or take him to the doctor. Now, Walker will serve 38 years for injury to a child and kidnapping while Tanner will serve 16 for kidnapping and reckless injury to a child.

But the most unbelievable part of the story? Even though they've both been convicted for their crimes, the two still refuse to acknowledge that they've caused the boy any harm.


"I didn't do nothing wrong," said Walker, insisting that she had little contact with the boy, who was first found last year. Meanwhile, Tanner also claimed that she never hurt or abused Morin or even knew that he was missing.

And that's not all! According to the defense attorneys, Morin's mom wasn't a victim, but actually a culprit who sold the child for $200. They also revealed that now that Morin has been found, he's still not living with his parents and is instead in the custody of a local couple.

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Jeez, talk about a tangled web! I admit that Morin's mom and dad don't exactly sound like the parents of the year. But that in no way justifies what Walker or Tanner did and I can't believe that they are still trying to make excuses for themselves. After all, they clearly know they did something horrible. Why else would they hide him away for all those years?

I'm just thankful that they've been caught and convicted and will now have to pay for their crimes. I just hope that innocent little boy finally finds the home and family that he deserves.

Image via San Augustine Sheriff's Office

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