Horrible mom gets 10-year-old son drunk & leaves him to wander streets

Looks like we've found yet another candidate for worst parent EVER! 31-year-old Florida mom Nedra Byrd was arrested after neighbors found her 10-year-old son wandering around drunk and naked on Thursday night. Apparently, she had given the young boy four shots of hard liquor.

Seriously, this woman should not even be allowed near kids, let alone in charge of any.


The neighbor called the police after spotting the boy, nude and alone on the street. "He was so intoxicated he didn't realize that he didn't have any clothes on," she said.

When authorities arrived at Byrd's home, they found her passed out and a half-empty bottle of brandy sitting on a counter.  After waking her up for questioning, she allegedly told them her son was in his room and that she was "drunk as hell."

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The boy's blood alcohol level was later found to be .108, well above the .08 that is considered to be the legal limit while driving for adults. Bryd was released on a $1,000 bond Friday, but is still facing child neglect charges.

Ugh, stories like these get me beyond mad. I mean, what is wrong with parents these days? It's bad enough for this woman to have exposed her 10-year-old kid to her alcohol problem…but to then give him hard liquor on top of that?

She's just lucky that a neighbor found him before any harm came his way. Hopefully, this incident will force her to get the help she needs. In the meantime, that boy should be kept away from her and put in the care of someone who is capable of really taking care of him.

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