Oscar Pistorious 'murder' case is depicted in controversial cartoon that makes me sick

News of the murder of Oscar Pistorious' girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, are everywhere with all sorts of theories as to how it all went down when he apparently shot her four times in his home in South Africa. It's crazy to watch all the CSI wannabes quickly trying to solve this case that is not even a week old. Was the Paralympic star illegaly using steroids? Who's gun was it? What exactly led to the unfortunate murder of the 29 year old model? 

Now there are speculations that her skull was crushed with a cricket bat found in Pistorious' home. South African police apparently believes that he might have beaten her with the bat before shooting her, and according to Mail Online, the young athlete has been charged by prosecutors for premeditated murder.

What I don't get is why do we all think we have any right to speculate, condemn and/or make fun of this tragic situation. 


This brings me to a controversial cartoon, a "look" at the murder scene in an attempt to explain what could have happened between the two that evening. The bloddied cricket bat, the iPad, the crumpled bed sheets, and then there is Pistorious pointing a gun at her, and then carrying her wounded body downstairs... It's all depicted in a two part cartoon that makes me sick to my stomach. 

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I wonder why this graphic published earlier by City Press, a South African website, was absolutely necessary for them to tell the story of what currently can be interpreted as just speculations. Then I wonder how 'a cartoon interpretation' of the tragic moments of Steenkamp's last minutes must make her family feel? Her loved ones?!

If I have chosen not to include the cartoon here for you to see with your own eyes, it's out of respect for those people in her life (and Pistorius' life as well) who know that this death is not fiction, but a sad reality they cannot escape from. May they find strength to deal with it all.

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