Country star Mindy McCready's tragic death brings memories of Jenni Rivera

I might not be what you call a fan of country music, but news this morning of country star Mindy McCready's tragic death (an apparent suicide) yesterday were shocking to me and made me very sad. The 37 year old who had recently been released from rehab for drinking too much and the abuse of prescription drugs, evidently was dealing with depression after the death after a gunshot of her live-in boyfriend and 'soulmate', David Wilson. 

The mother of two appears to have been under a cloud of suspicion over his death and had made public statements denying she had anything to do with it. Yesterday, she apparently shot herself in the very same spot on their porch where he was found dead just a month ago.  The chain of misfortunes in her life goes far back, and unfortunately makes for the sad stuff some of the best country music songs are written about. 


I can only compare this loss in the country music world to the recent death of our Jenni Rivera, a loss that was also shocking and deeply mourned within the Latin music industry and Latin community at large as well. What is it about these two women's lives that played out like telenovela's?

It might be a misconception, I don't know, but there is certain sadness that is often associated with country music, something I would relate to country stars like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, who I know about mostly though movies that have paid tribute to their struggles to make it big in that industry. Some of the stars that have shaped country music seemed to have had the most tragic lives of coming from poverty, dealing with abandonment, drugs, broken hearts, etc...  Within the heart of many of their songs there is a melancholy and a sorrow unlike any other music out there. 

In the case of Jenni, her troubled relationship with her daughter Chiquis, and the scandals with her ex-husbands were no secret at all. Her music too might have spoken the language of pain, but there was a joy about her (an inner strength) that was heard and made us admire her.

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In the case of McCready, there had been a troubled relationship with Billy McKnight, who she had a son with, and who had been accused of trying to kill her. She was arrested multiple times after altercations with her own mother, and had at some point admitted to being addicted to 'violent relationships'. 

The embattled country star best known for the hit 'Ten Thousand Angels', had her children taken away when she was involuntarily committed to rehab this last time. I thank God they were not around at the time of her death in their home. 

My heart goes out to anyone who, like Mindy and Jenni, has had to face such struggles. I can only hope that their children will have enough support around them to deal with the loss of their mothers. 

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