Despicable man arrested after slapping crying baby on airplane

When another child hits or fights their kid, it can be hard for parents to keep their emotions in check and handle the situation calmly--especially when all they really want to do is scream at the bully to leave their baby alone. But imagine if it was an adult stranger that laid a hand on your child.

That's exactly what happened to 33-year-old Jessica Bennett and her 19-month-old son, Jonah. The two were traveling on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta when little Jonah, uncomfortable from the altitude change, started crying. She tried to calm but couldn't and that's when drunk 60-year-old man, Joe Rickey Hundley, allegedly reached over and slapped the baby across the face.

Yes, you read that right--SLAPPED him. I'm seeing red just thinking about it.


Hundley apparently got so made over Jonah's crying that he shouted, "Shut that (n-word) baby up!" before slapping him with an open hand. Can you believe that? OK, wailing babies on an airflight can be annoying but that's why normal people bring headphones and turn on their iPods. They DON'T call a little, innocent kid a disgusting slur and then hit him in the face! I mean, come on! I'm having a hard time accepting that this really happened, because I don't want to believe that a stranger would ever lay a hand on another person's child like that. It's just inexcuable.

But even if we momentarily put aside the fact that the baby and his mom were complete strangers to him and he had absolutely no right to touch either one of them, what kind of person throws racial slurs at a child and then hits him because he's doing something that all babies do? If I had been in Bennett's position, I would've seriously slapped him right back. Or more likely, balled my hand into a fist and punched him in the face. In fact, I wish she had because he definitely deserves it.

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As it is, Hundley was charged with simple assault and is facing up to a year in jail...which, quite frankly, does not seem like enough! He should be locked up in some asylum somewhere for all of time, where all they do is play sounds of crying babies. Maybe then he would really learn his lesson.

For his part, Hundley insists that he wasn't drunk and that the whole incident never happened...which just boggles my mind. How can he not even apologize after doing such a thing?!

Meanwhile, Bennett says that her son is traumatized and is now "apprehensive to strangers." And I don't blame him—I would be too! That poor kid. I just hope that his parents find a way to help move past the situation and that Hundley gets the karma that's coming to him for his despicable actions.

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