Oscar Pistorius murder investigation turns up bloody bat in Olympian's home

The investigation into Oscar Pistorius, the Olympian who was charged with the murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, is getting uglier by the minute. 

In what seemed to a Valentine's Day surprise gone horribly wrong, Pistorius allegedly shot Steenkamp multiple times after mistaking her for a robber, . But now, the case might have taken a more gruesome turn, with local reports revealing police also found a bloodied cricket bat in the athlete's home.


According to South Africa's City Press, detectives believe that Pistorius either used the bat to break down the door of the bathroom where Steenkamp was hiding or that she used it in an attempt to defend herself. The paper also revealed that the 29-year-old model died from bullet wounds to the head, arm, hand and hip, as well as a fractured skull.

The news comes just after Pistorius' family publicly claimed that the police had no evidence to sustain a murder charge and that they had "zero doubt" that Pistorius only shot out of self-defense.

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Meanwhile, the 26-year-old paralympian is being held in police custody, reportedly in a single cell where he is protected from any other inmates.

What a horrible, horrible case. I can honestly say I don't what to believe. For the sake of the parties involved, I can only hope that the police continue to investigate and eventually find out what really happened that night.

No matter what the real truth is though, this is inarguably a tragedy beyond words. If it really was all a mistake, it's the saddest, most heartbreaking mistake I've ever heard of—one that Pistorius will have to live with the rest of his life. If it wasn't, then the incident is yet another horrific example of how an ugly argument can into fatal violence. Either way, an innocent woman has unfairly lost her life and my heart truly goes out to her and all her loved ones.

Image via Elvar Freyr/Flickr

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