Stepfather of girl who gave birth in Mexico arrested, but nightmare is not over

Just a day after it was revealed that the young girl who gave birth in Mexico (originally reported to be age 9, but now suspected to be 12 or 13) was a victim of her own stepfather, authorities have announced that the man in question has turned himself in.

In an interview with local media, the 44-year-old admitted to having sex with the minor twice while his wife was at work. He is now facing child molestation charges for the alleged rape of his stepdaughter. 

What an absolute nightmare. All I can say is, I hope this horrible man goes to jail for a long, long time.


The news comes just after officials announced that a DNA test revealed the girl's stepfather to be the true father of the baby, not her 17-year-old boyfriend as she claimed. 

Now, the stepfather has not only admitted to his unspeakable crimes, but also revealed that the girl's 38-year-old mother didn't learn about the pregnancy until her daughter was already 7 months along! How is that even possible?! She clearly was paying absolutely no attention to her daughter and obviously has no business being a parent.

The stepfather also publicly apologized to the girl and said he was aware that he deserves to be punished.

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Ugh, what a sick, twisted man. It doesn't matter what he says. He can apologize till the cows come home, but nothing can ever take back the abuse he put that innocent young girl through or give back the childhood that he cruelly took from her by getting her pregnant. I am just relieved to hear that he is away from her and in police custody, where he deserves to stay for years to come.

Still, I can't help but wonder what will happen to this poor 12-year-old. Since it's obvious that her mother doesn't have her best interests in mind either, who will this little girl have to rely on now that she's a mother herself? Will this traumatic ordeal ever end for her? I pray for her and her baby and hope she can find the strength to make it past this and somehow make a life for her child.

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