Meteor shower hits Russia, injuring hundreds of people & children! (VIDEO)

 In a scene that sounds like something straight out of a movie, a terrifying meteor shower hit Russia this morning, injuring more than 900 people and devastating buildings.

It is unclear whether it was one or multiple meteors that sent fragments raining over the Cheylabinsk region of Russia's Urial Mountains, but the Emergency Ministry says more than 500 people, including some kids, sought treatment after the blasts and that at least 34 of them were hospitalized.

How terrifying!!


Several people in the area recorded the ordeal and posted the videos to YouTube, which show bright streaks of light streaking across the morning sky. In some, viewers can also hear a large booming sound, although it can't be seen whether the it came from an impact or from the motion of the meteor itself.  

The meteor is said to have landed near Lake Chebarkul, causing a six-meter wide hole in ground.

Russian news reports also revealed that the meteor hit less than a day before the asteroid 2012 DA14 is to make the closest recorded pass of an asteroid ever. However, the European Space Agency, has already said its experts have determined there is no connection between the two events.

Oh my God! I can't even imagine how scary that must have been to experience. Those poor people! I mean, who could ever be prepared for something like this? Especially given that meteor showers are relatively rare and only occur about once every five years, typically in remote and uninhabited areas. I particularly hate to think of all of the kids affected, who must have been so terrified and now have to witness so much of the area around their homes destroyed.  

I just hope that all the people who were hurt are able to recover and that the community is able to get back on their feet and repair the damage that was caused quickly. My heart goes out to all of them!

Image via CBS News

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