Hero pit bull saves his family from deadly house fire

Many people tend to perceive pit bulls as dangerous, but a 10-year-old pit bull named Baby is being hailed as a hero after helping her owners escape a house fire. It all happened on Tuesday morning when Rhonda Westenberger and her sister, Evelyn, were sound asleep when suddenly their Wellston, Oklahoma home began to fill with flames. Baby immediately began to bark and nudge at the two until they finally woke up and escaped the fire.


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"There were flames shooting down the hallway," Westenberger told KOCO. "If Baby hadn't woken Evelyn up, I don't think neither one of us would have come out it." The two women woke up and managed to run out just in time. But their other 5 dogs were still stuck inside the house. Once again Baby came to the rescue and rushed back inside to help them get out.

"There was one hiding underneath the bed that wouldn't come out," family member Charles Land told KOCO. "Baby actually went in there, grabbed it by the neck and drug it outside."

The family lost their home of 17 years, along with everything inside it. But despite their tragic loss they remain in good spirits, happy to be alive and grateful for their beloved and loyal pit bull. To owner Rhonda Westenberger, Baby is nothing short of a hero. "I'm so proud of her," she added in her interview with KOCO.  "She is my hero. She's the hero for all of us,"

This is probably the best story I've heard all day. I'm glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound, all thanks to this four legged hero. It once again proves that dogs are amazing.

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