Woman whose horrific butt-implants went viral finally speaks out! (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Do you remember the horrifying botched butt implants video that went viral a few months ago? The one that showed a woman flipping her implants inside out after a plastic surgery gone wrong? Well, Renee who refused to give her last name, has decided to finally speak out about her botched implants and believe me, the story is just as mortifying as the video itself!


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The 20-second video clip was created after Renee noticed she could reach up under her implant. She videotaped it to show a girlfriend and in the process noticed it flip inside out. She then uploaded the video to Youtube in efforts to help warn other women who are thinking about going under the knife, the dangers that come with having operations done in unapproved clinics. The video received over a million views.

The plastic surgery victim spoke about her grotesquely disfigured butt to talk show host , Trisha Goddard. "I started getting really sick. I couldn't breathe," Renee said, who recently had the implants removed. She brought the largely sized implants to the show, to show the audience and claims that even after having them removed she was still in a lot of pain.

Renee hasn't named the doctor who performed the procedure, but is really trying to urge women to reconsider getting plastic surgery or to at least do their homework before getting an operation done. "Love the skin you're in, Renee said on the show. "Please don't go and do this stuff to yourself. If more people would come out and tell their stories then less women would go and do this."

I've never been a fan of the whole butt surgery obsession. While I love that curvier figures are finally being embraced, I'm certainly not in agreement with women risking their health and their lives for a bigger ass. Butt cosmetic surgeries are especially popular in South America, where many women go receive cut-price operations. These procedures have a high rate of complications and are particularly risky if you get them done in an unapproved facility.

And I can honestly tell you that fake butts DON'T look attractive! You see these small framed women with these buttocks blown up so big, and it's so obvious it isn't natural. Not to mention, the bigger the implant the more dangerous. Plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Craft spoke with the Daily News in Novemeber regarding Renee's surgery and claimed that what most likely caused Renee's surgery to go bad was how big the implants were for her body.

If this mortifying video isn't convincing you to have seconds thoughts about going under the knife, I'm not sure what would. Just remember, you can always achieve a plumper ass with some good ol' squats, lunges and hamstrings.

Check out the grotesque videos below!

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