Jodi Arias: 9 Strange & kinky details straight from the Latina's murder trial

By now I'm sure you've heard of the infamous Jodi Arias murder case. The crime that has captivated the nation surrounds the 32-year-old innocent faced woman who stabbed and shot to death her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008. Arias pleads self-defense, but many of the stories coming out of this case are shocking and intriguing to everyone as we await her verdict.

The crime was made for the ages as it is seeping in sex, scandal, murder, and lies--all of which have attracted our social media obsessed generation. The evidence shown in the courtroom has made it around the internet due to the pornographic and gruesome images detailed in the case. In case you haven't heard of the scandal of the year, read on to get the scoop…


Upon hearing about the Jodi Arias case I knew there had to be more to the story. A woman doesn't viciously kill her boyfriend the way she did unless was seeking vindication over something he'd done ... or was insane. And clearly the details emerging from this case are slowly but surely revealing why Arias committed such a heinous crime.

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We've been tracking it since it started this past January and the accusations are pretty shocking. Here are the important details of the murder case you need to know:

1. Arias initially lied to prosecutors about what occurred on the night that Alexander died and said that he had been a victim of a home invasion and the intruders had killed him.

2. Slain boyfriend Alexander's friends say Arias was obsessive and jealous and pinpointed her when police were seeking suspects in the murder case. Eventually she confessed but plead in self-defense.

3. Arias said she had planned on committing suicide before the trial because she said it would be the only way the jury wouldn't convict her.

4. During the prosecution trial, Arias said that she had an abusive childhood up until high school--saying that both her parents would viciously beat her, her dad even slamming her forcefully against walls many times. Arias said her mother would even carry a wooden spoon with her in her purse to beat her with.

5. Arias says she was even baptized as a Mormon, Alexander's religion, in 2006 while they were dating. Arias shockingly revealed that Alexander engaged in anal sex with her after the baptism without her consent. Even more brow raising is the fact that he claimed to be a "virgin" despite secretly having a sexual relationship with Arias.

6. She accused Alexander of physical abuse and told the jury that he had broken one of her fingers and kicked her in the ribs. She even presented evidence of the crooked finger from the incident and says she didn't report it to the hospital or police because she was afraid of Alexander getting in trouble.

7. Arias claims that Alexander was into kinky sexual acts and was physically abusive. She told the jury that one time she was sleeping and woke up to find him having sex with her as she slept in his bed.

8. Arias claimed that Alexander told her that he was pedophile in letters he would write to her, but the judge ruled out the letters as evidence.

9. Most recently, Arias says Alexander confessed to her that he was attracted to little boys and saw it for herself when she walked in on him one time masturbating to an image of a child in briefs. He told her he wanted her to wear Spiderman underwear and to have sex with him to cure him of his "deviant urges." Shortly after this is when she said he became extremely violent.

These claims made in the Jodi Arias case are mind boggling ... but fascinating. Whether or not the jury convicts her is still unknown, but one thing for sure is this story gets more intense as it goes along. We will keep you updated as the scandalous murder trial continues and more shocking evidence is uncovered to the jury and the public.


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