Murdered toddler shockingly left to rot for days in funeral home

I'll never understand how someone can take the life of a poor, innocent child (especially one as cute as the toddler pictured above). And I'm sure this is a question Jessica Bachman is struggling to comprehend herself. This heart-broken mother woke up to her worst nightmare on January 12 when she learned that her 2-year-old had died after her ex-boyfriend had beaten her to death. To make matters worse, two days later police told Bachman that her daughter's body was left to rot at a funeral home basement. This horrifying story practically left me in tears. How much more anguish can this poor mother take?


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Her 2-year-old daughter, Ranasia Knight, was kicked and punched by her ex-boyfriend, Lester Johnson, who apparently put up a post on Facebook three days before the murder saying that he wished he had a "One Free Murder" voucher. What a psycho! The toddler died in an emergency room after the incident and a few days later Lester admitted to hurting the young child, blinding her in one eye and leaving her fatally injured.

But a few days later on February 1, police knocked on Bachman's front door to inform her that they had found her daughter's body along with four other badly decomposed bodies in the basement of the Gundel Funeral Home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A friend of Bachman's had made arrangements to pay for Ranasia's funeral and gave the funeral director $400 for the final arrangements to have the little girl's body cremated and her ashes delivered to Bachman. But instead, the funeral director acted strangely, avoiding any of Bachman's calls and making excuses for delays in the process.

Funeral director, Benjamin M. Siar Jr. was arrested and is now behind bars at the Lancaster County Prison facing charges of theft by deception and corpse abuse.

Thankfully, another funeral home  took care of Ranasia's body, cremated it and delivered the ashes to the mother with no charge. Bachman has placed some of the ashes in a small heart-shaped locket she now wears around her neck in remembrance of her daughter.

This case left me without words and I can't even imagine what this mom has gone through. I hope little Ranasia's death gets the justice it deserves and everyone involved in hurting this innocent baby, the exboyfriend and later the funeral home director, get the punishments they deserve. Our hearts go out to mom Bachman.

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