Teenager brutally beaten on bus while classmate films & no one helps (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

It's hard enough for parents to send their kids off to school on their own, but it becomes especially terrifying when you stories like that of Chase Cristia. The 16-year-old Florida teen was recently beaten up at the back of a bus and instead of helping her, her classmates decided to pull out a phone and film the whole thing.


It all started last Friday when Cristia stood up for a friend who was being picked on by another 17-year-old student. The teen reported the incident to the assistant principal, who deemed that there was "no imminent threat" and allowed both girls to ride home on the bus like they normally would. That's when things quickly spun out of control.

The 17-year-old got up from her seat and started attacking Cristia, grabbing her by the back of the neck and delivering blow after blow. But the worst part? It all happened so fast that the bus driver didn't have time to pull over and not one other person interfered or made any sort of motion to help Cristia. Instead, another teen, who apparently knew that the altercation was going to happen, actually started taping the brutal beating and later uploaded the footage to Facebook. It wasn't until Cristia had been punched at least ten times that a student finally starting yelling, "Stop! Stop!"

The horrifying video quickly made its way around the Internet. But instead of garnering sympathy for Cristia, kids actually began teasing her because of it. Seriously, what is wrong with kids these days? How can anyone even think that's funny?

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Thankfully, the two students involved are not getting away with it. Both were arrested on misdemeanor charges. Cristia said she received an apology letter from the girl who attacked her, but the teen's mom says they are still pressing charges and filing restraining orders against each student.

I don't blame her! It's so saddening to watch this video and realize once again just how cruel kids can be to each other. And it's even scarier seeing how useless the school officials seem to be when it comes to incidents like these. If Cristia reported it, why didn't the assistant principal do something about it instead of just assuming it was an empty threat? If he had, he could've saved this young girl a lot of trauma and heartbreak.

Cristia is set to return to school this week and has admitted to being nervous and not knowing what to expect. I would (hopefully) think that seeing their peers learn the hard way that actions do have consequences will stop anyone else from tormenting her. No matter what happens, I just hope she remains tough and comes out on the other side of this ordeal stronger than ever.

Warning: Graphic video below!

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