Wife gives her husband the ultimate gift for Valentine's Day—her kidney!

Melissa Degresso-Jones, from Ohio is giving her husband a Valentine's Day gift this year that's pretty hard to top—a new kidney! Her husband James has been suffering from renal failure for years and was told that he needed a kidney transplant. In the ultimate act of love, Melissa immediately decided to donate one of her kidneys and wound up being the perfect match.


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The loving couple will be having surgery this coming Monday, just a few days before Valentine's Day at Florida Hospital where Melissa's kidney will be transplanted to her husband. "There wasn't any reservation, or never did I fathom the ideal I wouldn't be, " she told Cfnews13. "That's the funny part. I never thought,  'Oh what if I don't match?' I just assumed I would." And luckily for her husband, she was right.

"Everything matched," said James, "It was just a gift from God." He believes the fact that his wife turned out to be a suitable donor is not just a coincidence, but nothing short of a miracle.

So while most of us will be exchanging kisses, flowers and expensive boxes of chocolates, Melissa and James will be recovering in the hospital from organ transplant surgery, a gift no one can really measure up to. And did I mention that the couple met for the first time two years ago on Valentine's Day? It definitely doesn't get any more romantic than this!

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