9-year-old girl who gave birth in Mexico might actually be 15

The shocking case of the 9-year-old girl who recently gave birth in Mexico is only getting increasingly complicated. Hours after it was reported that the girl was sterilized against her family's wishes (with several Spanish-language sources saying that she was given a subdermal implant for birth control, not sterilized), several reports are now claiming that the new mom is really 15 years old or older.


Authorities investigating the case have allegedly become suspicious over the girl's birth certificate and are starting to believe that she is older than she claims to be. "The medical characteristics of this minor do not correspond to a nine-year-old girl,'' said the state's health secretary Antonio Muñoz during a press conference last night. "She could be much older. She seems to be 15 years old."

The family's neighbors are also speaking out now, claiming that the girl always looked older than 9 and describing her as "tall for her age" and "well-developed."

Now the question is ... why would the family lie about her age?

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Legally, the entire case would change should it be discovered that the girl really is older. The age of consent in Mexico is 14, so the girl's relations with the 17-year-old father would no longer be considered rape or sexual assault. And to make matters even more suspicious, the entire family, including the young mom and her new baby, fled their home Wednesday before the police and the local mayor could speak to them. 

I just can't believe this. This entire crazy just keeps getting crazier and crazier. If this is true, why would they ever do it? Why would the parents lie and put their daughter--and the police--through a long, public investigation? And if it's not true, why would they run away as if they had something to hide?

The police are continuing their investigation into the matter and I truly hope they can get to the bottom of everything. If that girl really is 9 year olds, she deserves justice for the ordeal she has gone through. And if she is older, it needs to be determined whether her or her baby are at risk.   

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