9-year-old who gave birth in Mexico was sterilized against family's wishes

We recently told you the shocking and hearbreaking story about the 9-year-old girl named Dafne who gave birth in Mexico. Now new details exclusively shared with the U.K.'s Daily Mail say that doctors have sterilized the child against her mother's wishes. Dafne had been unaware of her pregnancy until 7 months in and had given birth at the Zoquipan Hospital in Zapopan, Mexico.

Upon finding out that doctors sterilized Dafne without consent, her mother reported the hospital to the local human rights commission. But the details emerging from this tragic story are beyond shocking and the reports are now saying that there's doubt about who the father of the child may be.


Words can't describe how much Dafne's case saddens me. This poor child should not have to deal with these adult situations just yet, but it seems that in the environment she was raised in, it isn't far from the norm.

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Mexican newspaper El Occidental says that Dafne's family fled their home in the Colonia Los Olivos in Guadalajara after sketchy claims regarding the father of the baby. Reportedly, her unnamed stepfather has a history of abusing his biological daughters and landed in jail at one point. Neighbors say he would beat and behave questionably with Dafne as well, by sleeping in the same bed as her, and even taking baths with her. Originally it was thought that her teenage boyfriend was the father of the child (he has been missing since the baby's birth), but her male relatives are all being DNA tested after speculation that her stepfather may be the father.

The Daily Mail spoke exclusively to relatives of the girl's stepfather who say they are ashamed by what he has done and that Dafne's mother was not any better. They said that the mother was aware of the abuse going on in the home, but did nothing to stop it and would have Dafne at home to be the caretaker of the family which includes her 10 brothers and sisters. 

The site reports that neighbors said that Dafne's mom was a prostitute who may have passed on AIDS to her. If this is true, chances are high that Dafne's newborn baby has the disease as well. After the mother's complaints to the Human Rights Commission, this investigation is being taken seriously as Mexican law says it is a crime to have sex with a person under the age of 15 even if it's consensual. This has police investigating in order to find out whether they have to treat this as a child sex abuse or rape case. According to Guadalajara's Mural newspaper, Dafne's uneducated mom was unaware that it was a criminal offense to have underage sex until she was told by doctors at the hospital.

This case makes me sick to my stomach knowing that there is a strong chance that this girl's baby's father could be her own stepdad. How people get gratification from abusing children is something I will never understand. Although I can understand the mother's anger over Dafne's sterilization, she is clearly not doing a good job keeping her daughter safe in an environment that puts her at risk of going through this again. We hope that now that this scandal is out in the open, that both Dafne and this family can receive the help they need. We will keep an eye out on this story as further details continue to develop.         

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