Horrible man torments ex-girlfriend and her daughter by posting their pics on prostitution site

How far will a crazy ex-boyfriend go? That's something that a Virginia woman found out the hard way after the man who originally showered her with gifts turned to stalking and worse after she broke it off. Soraida Hicks went to the cops after ex Bruce Stimon started posting photographs of her and her teenage daughter on prostitution websites, even going so far as to direct men to her home, sending a sex video to her daughter's friends and even getting Soraida fired.


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According to the U.K. Daily Mail, he abuse all began when Bruce gave Soraida an iPhone and then used it to gain access to her emails and calls, then began to send offensive messages from her number. Things only escalated from there after she figured out what he was doing and broke things off. He then started to advertise her as a prostitute on the internet and even gave her supervisor's number as the contact. That's when she was fired.

That wasn't enough for him, though. He posted more photos and then went as far as to send around a porn film of him and Soraida having sex that he secretly shot to all of Soraida's daughter's friends on Twitter. How insane is that?!

Luckily, the police were able to FINALLY catch the guy when he started stalking Soraida outside of her home. He has now been thrown in jail and will remain there for several years. I really hope that Soraida and her daughter Pam can recover quickly from  this horrible man's abuse.


Image via ABC News

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