Acapulco mayor on gang-rape of 6 Latina tourists: "It can happen anywhere"

Authorities in Mexico are on the hunt for a group of gunmen who broke into a bungalow at a resort in Acapulco on Monday and raped six Spanish female tourists. But as horrifying and gruesome details about the vicious, hours-long attack are being released, perhaps the most shocking part is the indifferent reaction of Acapulco Mayor Luis Walton.

When asked about the incident, Walton gave this dismissive response: "It happens anywhere." Excuse me?


The nightmarish incident occurred before dawn on Monday when the gunmen forced two of the women to open the door to their bungalow, where 6 men and 7 ladies were staying on vacation. The five attackers held the group at gunpoint and tied up the men using cell phone cords and bathing suit straps before brutally raping the six Spanish women. The seventh woman, who was Mexican, was reportedly spared because of their shared cultural background.

What a horrific and traumatizing ordeal. Any case of rape is terrifying and scary, but the fact that this happened while these women were in a house with their husbands? It makes me feel like no one is ever safe anywhere.

But to make the entire story even more horrendous is Walton's trivializing comments about the incident. "We know that it's very unfortunate what has happened, but it happens anywhere in the world," he said, also adding that the ordeal hurt the image of the famous tourist destination.

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IS THIS GUY SERIOUS? Six women just got horrifically raped and he's worried about tourism? Yes it can happen anywhere, but that doesn't mean it's not a huge horrific deal every time. I mean, does he have no soul?

And I'm not the only one infuriated by his attitude. His statements set off a media firestorm, eventually causing Walton's office to publish an apology on his website, saying that he "very much laments the misinterpretation of his comments, which were never intended to hurt the victims or minimize the facts." Yeah because faking sympathy after the fact totally makes up for it. Ugh.

Investigators have said they have "strong evidence" leading them to the attackers and I just pray that it's true. They deserve the harshest punishment possible for committing such a grisly act and scarring those people forever.  

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