Activists are angry moms everywhere around the world and calling for justice after a 5-year-old girl was raped "everywhere" and died from her injuries. The worst part? Her own father did this to her!

The whole thing is pretty much the worst nightmare for any woman or child: a Saudi preacher received a fine of only $50,000 and a short jail sentence after raping and beating his own daughter to death. The 50K is considered "blood Money" by Islamic law and can be paid in lieu of the death penalty. Apparently the fine was only 50K in part because he murdered a little girl, who in Saudi society are considered to be of less worth.

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According to, the public anger is at a boiling point and has sparked an online  campaign "calling for more severe punishment for violence against women and children". Called the "Women to Drive" campaign, you can find it on Twitter by searching for the #AnaLama hashtag.

Fayhan Ghamdi, the little girl's father is a well-known preacher in Saudi Arabia and a frequent guest on Muslim TV networks. The injuries he inflicted on poor, innocent 5-year-old Lama Ghamdi included a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns. According to the hospital reports given to her mother, little Lama "rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed." Lama died from her injuries, but a judge ruled that "blood money and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama's death suffices as punishment." SERIOUSLY?!

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I sincerely hope that this little girl gets justice. There's even a petition going around on the White House website asking to "Cut diplomatic and economic ties with Saudi Arabia until rape/murder victim Lama Al Ghamdi gets the justice she deserves". I, for one, will definitely be signing it!

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There is a special place in hell for that pig!!!!!! poor angel does not deserve that

Where was her mother?  I understand the whole, women have no say in that country garbage but when it comes to your child how can you NOT kill that sick lowlife and deal with consequences later??? How sad that little angel had no one to protect her.... May she RIP....

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He deserves the death penelty for what he has done. A big broom handel shoved up his ass and out thru his mouth. He'll get his comeupins!
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This is a sick and horrific crime. This young child is an innocent human Being and does not deserve to die like this in vain. She suffered terribly at the hands of a monster who unfortunately also happens to be her own FATHER! This punishment does NOT, NOT, NOT fit the crime. This is not fair, this is not good, this is not right. His punishment should be AT LEAST, AT LEAST, to endure the same nasty, despicable treatment he gave to this child and then be burned slowly. The justice system is ridiculous.
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Apparently, woman especially little girls are viewed with little worth in Saudi society. It's ironic that we have an embargo against Cuba, but embrace an oil rich dictorship. If I were a woman, I would catch the first plane out of the Kingdom and go someplace where my life is worth what God made it to be.
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Lets send a drone to make his day brighter!
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He needs to be castrated and flogged.
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We should get rid of this sick religion.
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THIS SICK sob should be beheaded or stoned as he committed adultry in addition. The judge is a joke , this is islamic justice? These ideas are no justice at all. They want our respect with idead of islamic law?
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What in the world are those Saudis thinking of?? This sick so-called man of God (Allah) rapes his own little girl and then kills her. He should be publically stoned by all the women in his parsonage. This is just outrageous that he is getting away with this by paying a $50,000 fine! His church should be emptied out. The blind cannot lead the blind or they will both fall in the ditch! Thats scripture.
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