Gruesome Jodi Arias murder case captivates the nation

What happens when the defendant in a violent murder trial is an attractive and soft spoken young Latina? Apparently you get a media frenzy and tabloid ridden case as proven by the trial of Jodi Arias. The 32-year-old is on trial for killing her 30-year-old ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in June 2008. Alexander was found dead in the shower of his Mesa, Arizona home with 27 stab wounds to his face, a slashed throat, and a bullet to the head. Arias plead self defense, but if she is convicted, she faces the death penalty.

The case has become more of an entertainment spectacle because of the evidence found in relation to the crime. Pornographic type photographs of the couple were found on Alexander's camera taken that night. Since then, USA Today says the images displayed in the televised courtroom have spread throughout the internet gaining a significant amount of followers on Twitter and other social media outlets.


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According to, the juicy evidence that has surfaced from the murder trial is pornographic, along with phone sex recordings, e-mails, and sexting sent shortly before the crime. As the site describes it, this trial was made for the social-media obsessed age we live in. There have even been blogs created either in defense or against Arias and some drawings and photographs of her have been sold on eBay.

It's unsettling that a murder case with someone's life actually in the balance is being treated like it's a popular reality TV show. You have a good looking woman accused of killing her ex-boyfriend after a sex tryst and photographic evidence is involved, and it immediately becomes scandalous fodder. It's easy to forget that these are ordinary people who were put in extraordinary circumstances.

The accusations made towards Arias shocked those who know her because of how soft spoken, articulate, and shy she is supposedly in real life. Although Arias claims she killed Alexander in self-defense, police say that interrogation video evidence shows that she lies easily.

Court documents reveal that Arias and Alexander had broken up before the murder and the victim, a practicing mormon and self-proclaimed virgin, had bad mouthed Arias to his friends calling her a "skank" and a stalker. But evidence showed that Alexander and Arias would take vacations together and he would invite her over to his place to have sex, much like on the night of his death. Questions have been raised of possible abuse by Alexander in their relationship, but proof of this has yet to be presented in the courtroom.  

The trial, which started this past January, has taken Twitter by storm as trial viewers obsessively tweet, re-tweet, and get involved in the live tweeting taking place in the courtroom by reporters. And this will more than likely remain the pattern as the trial continues and trial followers await Arias' fate.

The O.J Simpson and Casey Anthony cases had the same reaction from the public, but this trial has been highly influenced by social media outlets. It's good because people remain in the know about current events, but at the same time it's rather shameful that they're treating such a gruesome case so lightly. Hopefully police can come to a conclusion soon as we all track this case and these Twitter feeds can die down too.


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