6-year-old steals car to visit dad, crashes on the way (VIDEO)

A bold 6-year-old girl from Pittsburgh reportedly stole her mother's BMW on Sunday morning and attempted to drive to a nearby town to visit her father. Jeez, that's one determined kid!


Apparently, the young girl took the car while her mother was still asleep. She managed to drive it a half mile before hitting two parked cars and eventually smashing into a utility pole. Luckily, she was uninjured and the police, who were alerted after the mom woke up and found both her daughter and car missing, were able to find her. Her father was also brought to the scene.  

Investigators said that they did not know how the girl learned how to start a car and drive.

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Wow! I can't believe this little girl actually had the guts to steal her mother's car. I mean, she's 6. I was anxious about learning to drive at 16! How did she even know what to do? My guess is she picked it up by watching her parents, which makes her an incredibly fast learner and the most observant 6-year-old EVER.

I guess her dad should be flattered that his daughter is willing to go to such extreme lengths to see him, but I wonder why it was such a pressing matter to her. She either hadn't seen him in a long time or is just one very impatient child. Either way, it was an incredibly dangerous move and I'm just glad that she somehow managed to get out of it safely. Still, maybe it would be best if her mom hid her car keys from now on.

Image via WTAE TV

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