Stupid family smokes on flight, ruins everyone's vacation

Smoking has been banned on flights ever since I can remember. It's a pretty common practice to not allow smoking on any flights, which is why I was so surprised to read about the family who thought they knew better. A Sunwing flight on its way to the Dominican Republic was forced to land in Bermuda after a 50-something-year-old man, his wife, and their son were all caught smoking and then even refused to put their cigarettes out! Basically, this a-hole family ruined not only their vacation but everyone else's vacations, too! What is WRONG with them?!


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According to CBC News in Canada, the plane had departed Halifax and was on its way to the Caribbean destination when Sunwing flight 454 had to make an emergency landing in Bermuda, where police said they received a call from the airport at 9:55 p.m. The police then boarded the plane and arrested the three smokers, who have now been released on bail. Meanwhile, a woman on the plane texted the whole story to husband Dave Shellington, who recounts the take that was full of screaming and swearing:

They were smoking in the plane's washroom and when they came out they got into a little bit of an argument with the attendants. They couldn't say where they put their cigarette butts and that caused a bit of a commotion, I guess. From there it kind of escalated with the father, the mother, and the son.

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Although this family hasn't been officially charged and police couldn't confirm if they have also been drinking, for now they are stuck in Bermuda while everything is sorted out. Thankfully, the other passengers only had to suffer through one night of uncertainly since the flight was rescheduled to leave the next day. I'm happy that everyone's vacations were only ruined for one day (even though that's one day too many!) and that this idiot family is unable to enjoy their vacation, which they clearly didn't deserve. Seriously, guys, next time just put on a nicotine patch and survive the flight WITHUOT causing this unnecessary drama.

Image via Fly Sunwing

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