World's first Barbie restaurant is terrifying...and pink! (VIDEO)

I admit that I like pink just as much as the next girly-girl. In fact, I'm wearing hot pink corduroys right now and darn proud of it. However, there really is such a thing as too much pink and I think I've found its location: the new Barbie Café in Taiwan, which is inspired by the doll that has also made some women get operations to look like her and has now created this terrifying world of everyone looking the same and being clad in more pink than should exist. In fact, I find the whole thing quite nauseating--and not even the delicious-looking food can sway me!


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Personally, I just don't quite understand the whole point of this restaurant. From what I could tell, they're not really selling any Barbies there. However, they definitely ARE abusing the color pink. The whole thing is awash with pink chairs, pink tables, pink walls, pink decorations and pink-dressed waiters and waitresses. Obviously, even the menu is in pink! There's even a pink tutu on the back of the chairs ... yes, seriously!

The food, which seems to be inspired by international fare like American sliders and French macarons, at least hasn't been dyed pink--yet. It's all a really odd display of love and appreciation for the iconic doll. But isn't it going a little too far? I mean, I know that pink is a traditional "girl's color" and the doll is a "girl's toy," but playing up to the stereotype in this in-your-face way is making me (both a lover of pink and of Barbies) completely uncomfortable. I mean, seriously, it's just TOO MUCH and I hope they calm it down.

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