Sexist school institutes 'no-cursing' policy for girls ONLY, boys can stay vulgar

I've heard of sexism in the Catholic community before but the latest example of it takes the whole thing to a new, disturbing level. A Catholic high school in New Jersey has now implemented a "no cursing" rule that's ONLY for girls.

That's right, apparently girls are the only ones who are not allowed to say vile words while the boys of the high school are still allowed to say the F-word and any other vulgarities, though apparently they're encouraged not to say those words "when girls are near." If this isn't the most blatant form of discrimination and sexism, then I don't know what is!


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According to NBC Philadelphia, this all started because of Lori Flynn. She's a teacher at Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington, New Jersey and is responsible for organizing the campaign that asked girls to take a "no-cursing" pledge at the request of school administrators while males were not asked to take any such vow.

This is an absolutely horrible form of sexism, in my opinion. Apparently teacher Flynn says that the school wants "ladies to act like ladies" and the girls of the school have the foulest language. Well, I have to ask, why not just ask everyone to not curse? As one student points out, shouldn't boys behave more like gentlemen if girls have to be more like ladies? Why are these girls being held to a higher standard of never uttering a single vulgarity while boys can keep going around and sounding like a-holes while saying the word a-hole?

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Honestly, I may be a bit biased because I have quite the potty mouth. I'm not shy about cursing when and if it is an appropriate way to express my feelings (typically when I am outraged and mad about something, like this story, which makes me want to curse--A LOT!). However, despite my own preferences, the really horrible thing here is that boys are allowed to say vulgar things and girls are not. Why is it attractive for a boy to curse and it's completely unattractive if a girl curses? This is a double standard that should absolutely NOT be allowed, and particularly not in a school. And I seriously hope that this school, if they're really committed to a "no-cursing" policy, institute it for ALL teens and not just the ones that don't have a penis.

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