Latina mom missing while vacationing alone in Turkey is found dead

From the moment I heard the story of Sarai Sierra, I feared it would end badly. When the Latina mom of two didn't come back home from a 3-week trip to Turkey, her husband and her brother decided to go to Istanbul looking for her. Sadly, now Turkish media is reporting that Sierra's body was found today near some ruins in a low-income district of Istanbul. The police has detained nine people, including two women for questioning and they believe Sierra was stabbed elsewhere and her body hidden by the remnants of the city walls.

I can't even begin to imagine how devastated Sierra's family must be right now--especially her two sons aged 11 and 9 whom I'm sure have been praying for her safe return since she didn't come back home as planned on Jan. 21. 


The trip to Turkey has been described as a dream come true for Sierra who was an avid photographer and always meant to go on the trip with a friend. But that person cancelled at the last minute and Sierra decided to go on her own. Throughout the duration of her stay overseas, Sierra kept in constant touch with her family back in New York. She ended up missing her sons so much that she apparently decided to cut her trip short. But she never got on the plane that was supposed to take her back home. 

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Now people are questioning whether it was a good idea for her to travel by herself and wondering how come her husband didn't accompany her on the trip. I think those questions are meaningless right now because Sierra is dead and nothing will change that now. 

I hope police finds the persons (or persons) responsible for Sierra's death and that they're punished accordingly. Unfortunately, either way, nothing will change the fact that a man is now a widow and two little kids will never see their mother again. 

Image via Family Handout


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