Craziest dad ever lets HUGE python babysit his son!

Okay, I know that not all babysitters are good ones. In the past few months alone, there has been tons of babysitting horror stories that have left me disgusted and appalled. But I don't think any have left me quite as shocked as the story of Chan Liu, a Chinese dad who actually allows a 15-foot-long, 220-pound python to look after his son!  A PYTHON.

Did you hear that? Yup, that was the sound of my jaw once again hitting the floor.


Liu first brought the snake home six years before his now 13-year-old son, Azhe, was born, hatching from an egg and raising it. After his child's birth, Liu observed Azhe and the python interact together and apparently decided that "the snake wouldn't hurt him." So what did he do? He began using the snake as a babysitter, leaving it to look over his child when they were alone! Uh ... what? This has to be some kind of bizarre joke because no sane person would ever leave a little kid with a freaking python, right? RIGHT?!

Sadly, it's not a joke. Years later, Azhe and the snake still spend tons of time together and are the best of friends. The teenager even kisses and cuddles the reptile, telling The Sun, "She's very careful with me and never squeezes too hard."

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Oh. My. God. I'm still having a hard time processing that this is even real. How can a parent let their child hang out with a predatory reptile that is twice the size of most humans and eats by first asphyxiating its victim to death and then swallowing it whole? And this has been going since Azhe was just a baby!

I guess it's kind of amazing that this has gone for so long without any harm done, but seriously there's no way that's going to last forever. Those creatures are NOT meant to be house pets and allowing it to just hang out around your house is stupid and dangerous. I just hope that this family comes to their senses and realizes that before something awful happens!

Image via The Sun

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