Students defend dumb teacher who tweeted semi-nude pics & called them "jailbait" (VIDEO)

Some people are meant to be teachers ... but I'm not sure that 23-year-old Carly McKinney is one of them. The math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado recently came under fire for tweeting racy pictures of herself, writing posts about drug use, and even calling some of her students "jailbait."

She was put on paid leave by the district and has since been widely criticized by the public, but it seems like McKinney's students are still sticking by her. In fact, they recently took to Twitter to come to her defense!


It all started when McKinney was caught tweeting provocative pictures of herself, as well as posts about doing drugs and getting drunk, under her now-deleted handle @Crunk_Bear. Some of the photos depicted her topless, drinking, and sometimes smoking what looks like marijuana.

At some point, she discussed a student who apparently found her attractive by writing, "Just got called Ms. McCutie. Points for being clever, however you are still jailbait." She also reportedly tweeted about being high while grading papers. Seriously?! A person who is dumb enough put that stuff online should definitely NOT be dictating anyone's education.

McKinney, for her part, has admitted to creating the Twitter account with a friend, but said it was supposed to be a parody. She also said she was not aware of the some of the posts the friend was making on her behalf. Sounds a little convenient, right? But apparently, her students don't think so.

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Though McKinney was put on paid administration leave while school officials investigate and determine whether they want her to return, some of her students are taking to Twitter to show their support, using the hashtag #FreeCrunkBear. "It's a teacher that's only five or six years older than our oldest students, so we kind of relate to her on a personal level," one student told 9News.

I get it--she's a young girl who likes to party. But that doesn't give her an excuse to act like a complete idiot. It's not so much about what she's doing (honestly, I could care less about what she does on her own time), but the fact she doesn't see anything wrong with putting it all out there knowing damn well that the whole world can see it? That's a problem, especially as a young teacher who is just starting out in her career and needs to work harder than ever to establish boundaries between her and students.

That carefree attitude might make her popular among her classes, but it doesn't make her a good teacher.

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