Heartbroken family continues search for Latina mom missing in Turkey

In an absolutely heartbreaking story, a 33-year-old Latina mom has gone missing while on vacation in Istanbul.  

Sarai Sierra has not been heard from since January 21st, the day before she was supposed to return home to New York after a three-week long trip. Now, over a week later, some of her family members are flying to Turkey to try and find her.


According to police, Sierra was traveling alone because a friend backed out of the trip last minute.  Though her family was nervous about her being abroad by herself, she consistently kept in touch with them throughout the trip. On the last day they heard from her, Sierra told her family she was heading to Galata Bridge, a well-known tourist spot, to take pictures.

But on January 22nd, the day of Sierra's scheduled flight, the mom of two never showed. Her dad waited at the airport for hours and was worried to see that she hadn't taken off as planned. When Sierra's husband, Steven, called the hostel where she was saying, the owner checked Sierra's room and found her passport, as well most of her belongings.

On Monday, police officials in Istanbul said authorities were reviewing security camera footage from the neighborhood where Sierra was staying. Sierra's mom also told Fox News Latino that the family has been in contact with the U.S. embassy as well as government officials in Turkey. But for Steven and Sierra's brother, David, that wasn't enough. On Sunday, the two men flew out overseas to aid in the search themselves.

"You have so many thoughts going through your mind," Steven said of the horrible ordeal. "You don't know what to think."

What a terrifying thing for a family to go through! I can't even begin to imagine what Sierra's loved ones must be feeling, especially her two kids. The thought of them at home, waiting for their mom to return, breaks my heart. I just pray that with help from the police and government, the family is able to find Sierra and bring her back home safely. My thoughts go out to all of her loved ones!

Image via CBS News

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