Brazilian woman tries to kill her husband with oral sex!

In what might seriously go down the weirdest murder attempt ever, a Brazilian woman has just been accused of trying to kill her husband by putting poison on her genitals and then asking him to go down on her.

You read that correctly: she tried to kill her husband while he was, ahem, eating her out with some kind of poison on her hoo-ha. Okay, I have to ask: Who does this?! I mean, have you ever heard of a crazier way to end the life of the man that you have pledged love and devotion to? I don't know about you, but that definitely doesn't sound very devoted to me!


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Luckily for the man in question, he didn't fall for it. Well, it's not that he necessarily went downstairs and immediately thought, "You know, something is off here, I bet my wife is up to something." Instead, MSN Now reports that he noticed a very "strange smell" emanating from her crotch and insisted in taking her to the hospital.

Clearly he was being a very good husband, taking care of what he thought was his wife's safety. Instead, he found out that what was REALLY happening is that she put a poison on herself when doctors detected it and the whole plot was uncovered. Now he's suing her for the attempted murder.

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I'm not sure why the police isn't involved. Perhaps the husband decided that suing his surely soon-to-be ex-wife was a better course of action but, seriously, these two need some counseling. What in the world would possess a woman to put something down there in order to poison her man? Even worse, how was she herself not poisoned because of it? It's just, well, disgusting. Whatever the issue was, I seriously hope that she's learned her lesson and divorces her husband before resorting to this icky and heinous crime.

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